I was challenged to choose a word that reflects me for 2017.  This is something that I will draw on when I am stressed or just need a break.    I had to do a lot of soul searching on this one.   The 1st thing that came to mind was Family.   Honestly, I knew it went deeper than that, so I took a little while longer and realized my true word is FOCUS.

Let me explain a little bit why I chose Focus as my word and not Family.  I think that in 2016 I was just surviving the year.   We had so many issues hit our family, that I felt most of the time as if I was just making it through, “getting by”.   My family really is my life, and Focus plays into my love and care of my Family.   This past year, my Focus has been on raising my 2 granddaughters, making sure that they are healthy both physically and emotionally.  focus-distraction

My focus this next year will also be on my children, which is nothing new, as that is how I have lived my life since the 1st day I became a mom.  I have always said I am a mom before I am anything else in life.   I love my children with all of my heart and I focus on them completely.  

I say all of that to state that while my Focus is still and will always be my Family, I plan on putting more Focus on my marriage this next year.   Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with my marriage, I just want to be sure that it gets as much love and attention as it deserves.  You see I have been married to my best friend for 20 years and I am so blessed to get to be his wife!!  I think I am like a lot of woman and I put more Focus on the kids, than the marriage.  That really tends to happen after so many years of marriage, but in the end I want my husband to know how important he is to me!!   I know a lot of woman feel that way, and yet they won’t ever admit it themselves, not to mention to anybody else.   In the end, your children are a bi product of your marriage, so the emphasis or focus should be on your marriage first.  

My Focus this year will be on praying more and growing in a deeper relationship with my Savior.  I think I have become a little lax in spending time in this area, so I will be intentionally changing some things on a daily basis.

My focus this year will also be on my granddaughters and being the best Nana that I can be.  The 2 that live in my home,  to give them unconditional love and help to raise them to be strong young woman.   My youngest granddaughter, to spoil her as much as her mommy and daddy will allow.  I have a new grandchild on the way, and I am sure that one will be just as spoiled.   I see lots of Focus on all the grand babies this next year!!

blog-web-socilal-productA huge focus this year will be going into this blog and reaching a larger audience and following.  I plan on growing in my skills as an influencer and blogger both this next year.   I have not paid much attention to this blog prior to the past 6 months or so.  My goal is to Focus on monetizing my blog, and finding new and exciting subjects to write about.   I am excited about the Focus that I will be putting into my blog this year!!

My goal in general is to just stay Focused, and in the moment this year.   I am so blessed and thankful to have all my children doing well right now.   My husband is amazing and we are doing great.   I just want to stay Focused on all of them and on life in general, and not let it just pass me by!!

Now that you have heard my word of the year, I am curious…..has this inspired you to come up with your own “word” for 2017?    What would it be?   Let me know in comments below as I love hearing from my followers!!



  1. All of your areas of focus are inspiring and, in truth, I feel the same way with some areas in which I know I need to work on. I use “focus” on my kids a lot; they need to work on focusing in a big way and that is actually 2 out of the 3’s goals this year (I just hope they stick to it). My word for this year is “create” ~ I want and, in all honesty, need to create memories with my kids this year; the last few years we have not had very good memories created. Cheers to a New Year!

  2. Such a beautiful post Sandy. Focus is an important word for a lot of the reason’s you touched on. We all need to readjust our focus from time to time. It is easy to take people and life for granted, but if we try and focus on what is important, those things come back into view as they are meant to be.

  3. June S.

    I know what you are talking about trying to stay focused on everything that goes on in our everyday lives. It can be very hard at times.

  4. Jessica Palomino

    Focus would be a great one for me too. I often feel scatter brained being pulled in many different directions at once.

  5. Robin Abrams

    Staying focused on the important things in our lives is very important. I work on staying focused on my family more then anything else

  6. Julie Wood

    What a really good word, and I have been really focusing more and it takes time and awareness to focus and be there for my kids and husband and family. With so many things going on, I am making myself focus and I am going to make focus my word for 2017, too!!

  7. renee

    I like your word “focus” and I would pick “improve” as well. I felt like 2016 was just “surviving” as you stated, and I was on autopilot. I want my attitude, my life, my health, and my relationships to improve this year. That will be my focus!

  8. Charity Cram

    Focus is a great choice! It is so easy to loose focus with the all the hustle and bustle in our culture.

  9. Barrie

    My word for 2017 is Unclutter! I want to declutter my house and all the garbage I carry around, weight and mental barriers, that prevents me from being the best person I can be!

  10. I actually haven’t ever picked out a word for each year. Not sure what I would pick but know I need to work on trusting God and stop trying to drive the bus when He’s ultimately in charge. 🙂

  11. dorturner

    Focus is an excellent word for the year! I have to think more on mine, so I can use it religiously!

  12. Jessica Justice

    Focused sounds like a good goal for anyone, especially me! I am the worlds biggest procrastinator, I can always find something better to do and it can always be done tomorrow.

  13. shirley

    “Understanding” is my word for this year, and I mean understanding others and their reasons for saying or doing what they do.

  14. Karen Beckett

    What a lovely post! Staying focussed in life is so very important to all our senses & our well being.

  15. Cassandra Huber

    Family is definitely important, but focusing on what is acutely important at the moment is definitely more helpful.

  16. Julie Wood

    Being focused and being there for our loved ones is so important and really makes things so much better being in the moment!

  17. Ellie Wright

    Focus is a good one. I haven’t thought about coming up with a word for myself for the new year.

  18. Debbie Campbell

    It is really hard to pick just one word. I guess for me it is Health. I need to get healthier so I can be there for my family.

  19. Lyndsey R.

    Focus is a wonderful word. My word is finances. I want to stop living paycheck to paycheck for once.

  20. Kelly O

    Fabulous post. I think Focus is a great word and based on your goals it sounds perfect. For me I think my word would be “self sufficiency”. My goal this year is to grow in the ability to have a large productive garden that can produce a harvest that will give my family year round food. This is a really big process for me. From ordering seeds, to planting, to give it care, to harvest to preservation. Seems silly, but my family does not have a lot and a successful garden would be a huge blessing.

  21. Dotty J Boucher

    I know for me its been a new beginning, A fresh start in my life, my biggest is with Jesus, he has been working in me so much, sometimes it drives me crazy , well ‘ sort of lol, I love him and thank him so much, I know also I am just working on inner peace, letting go of the past and staying on with smiling more and laughing more..

  22. latoya

    My word for 2017 is future…I want to make sure that what I’m doing this year contributes towards the best possible future I can have.

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