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Life in my home with 2 granddaughters is always lively!    My oldest granddaughter, Angela,   has been begging me for some type of pet for over a year.   Now let me explain why I have not exactly jumped on that for her.  Our home is not a huge house, in fact it is just about 1300 sq. feet.   I love our home and am VERY thankful for it.  Yet, there are days that I feel slightly crowded.

We have 3 bedrooms, with myself, husband, 18 yr old son, my oldest daughter, and 2 granddaughters (ages 9 and 10), PLUS our Boston Terrier and German Shepard.   Both dogs are inside dogs for the most part, so needless to say, our home is quite full.   It is filled with lots of love, laundry and with 4 girls in the house and 2 dogs, it seems as though I am always battling cleaning hair of some type up in the house, whether that is on the floors or in the bathrooms.

Needless to say when she starting asking for a pet, I had a slight panic attack just thinking about bringing in another living breathing thing!!    She of course started with something big , like a dog.  Then it was a cat, when the answer to those was no, she moved on to a Guinea Pig.  We have done the Guinea Pig thing when my middle daughter was younger, so ummm NO!    They are noisy , make a heck of a mess and are a challenge to keep the room from stinking.   

As time wore on, eventually Angela decided she wanted a fish.   Aha….finally something that I felt we could live with and not cost me a fortune to feed or take care of, and it wasn’t going to take up too much square footage in our home.  

Of course, I have always been the parent that has made my kids earn a privilege such as owning a pet.   So she had to show me that she could be responsible in keeping her room clean and a few other small requirements before we headed off to the pet store.  

Eventually, she had proven herself and we made our trip to our local PETCO.   I had already decided we were going to get a Beta Fish, as we have owned them in the past and for the most part they are the hardiest fish that I know of.   

She stood in front of the selection of Beta Fish’s for what seemed like an eternity picking out the “perfect” little fish.   I personally wanted her to get a male , as they are just so much prettier than the females!!   Yet of course, no child ever wants the same thing as you do, so she chose the female fish.   In fact, we ended up with a baby female and she named her name Kayla 

So we came home with our new family member and I proceeded to getting her new home, the bowl set up.   Angela had chosen some bright pretty rocks to put in her bowl and a ceramic turtle to put in it, so she had a place to hide.  

We have had her a couple of weeks now and Angela is just as excited about having her  today as she was the day we brought her home.    She has been very responsible in making sure she feeds her , even though we found out we were initially overfeeding her.  I couldn’t figure out for the life of me why her tank got soooo dirty the first week we had her.   Come to find out, with a Beta Fish you only feed them a small pinch every OTHER day, not daily.  Yet once we had figured that out, things have been great.   

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