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My two oldest granddaughters have started back to public school this year and I am realizing that in just the one school year that they were home with me learning, that things have changed quite a bit.  

The first thing I realized is that so much more of their school day is spent with technology.  The girls are in 5th and 7th grade, and they don’t have physical books for several classes. What do they use then?   The answer is simple, computers. It does concern me for those households that don’t have a computer at home. I worry that those children are at a disadvantage.   Yes, they can go to a local library and do whatever work needs to be done, but if that is a young child, then the parent also has to find the time to sit and do the work with that child.  

This whole subject has me thinking how can I help not only the older girls with their schoolwork, but with the youngest grandchildren.   I have four grandchildren that are ages 2 and under. By the time they reach school age, I have no doubt that they will probably have very few school books, if they use any at all.   I have purchased a tablet for Serenity, who is currently 2 yrs old. I bought it for her when she was 19 months old, and she is a pro at using it! It amazes me how kids adapt to technology!!   Her mom is very conscientious about how often she is allowed to play on it, and she tries to be certain that the apps she has on the tablet are educational. I can’t say that they are all educational, however it has shown to be a very useful tool to her and the baby.  She also has a one year old baby, who believe it or not, also uses the tablet!

As I think about my older grandchildren and watch them grow and learn, I can’t help but wonder where their individual interests will steer them in life.  My 11 year old granddaughter has such a mind for math that a career in technology is something I can easily see her doing

When I think about the apps that I use now, I wonder if that is a career path that one of the girls will choose.   There are so many great app designers that assist with making an idea turn into a reality and become an actual app that people will use.  I think it is an a career path that we should be encouraging our children to explore. I honestly wonder how many kids are already creating apps that people are using?   Have you ever thought about that?  If they aren’t creating them now, then I would imagine they will be soon. I mean kids spend hours upon hours upon hours on their different devices and they are the perfect candidate for creating apps that kids need and would use!  For that matter, I am certain that they are capable of designing apps that adults either currently use or will be using in the near future.

I am excited to see where my grandchildren will end up in their chosen careers and paths in life.   Technology is just one avenue as a possibility as to where they will go. With the world today, and they way technology has taken over our day to day lives, I think it would be a great career choice.   Yet you never know, they could just as easily decide to be a pilot, a nurse, doctor , veterinarian, etc.  No matter what they choose to do in life, I know one thing for certain….I will encourage them in each step of their dreams and goals.  After all, what is a Nana for?

Tell me , what are your  dreams and goals for your kids or grand kids?   Have you ever thought about creating an app? If so, what is your idea?   Be certain to check the link I have above, to assist you in getting started if that is YOUR dream or your child’s dream!!   I would love to hear from you in the comments below!!   Be sure to let me know what you think about this subject!!

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