FOTOWELT Bluetooth Speaker

The FOTOWELT Bluetooth Speaker , sold by DigitalMediaInc., is a beautiful , sleek and professional looking Bluetooth speaker!  The only way that I can think to describe the exterior of the speaker is to say it is velvety feeling.  Whenever I have a speaker like this, they usually have a sleek or slippery exterior and I worry that I will drop it.  With the design of the exterior of this, I have no concerns whatsoever of dropping it.  I own a couple of different types of Bluetooth speakers and I have to tell you that this one is quickly becoming my favorite.   I personally love the way it looks and it has so many different features to it, that it eliminates the need for several devices all in one unit.

bluetooth bluetooth FOTOMELT

This speaker has an FM Stereo feature to it.  I live in an area of town, that I have issues picking up certain radio stations.  However, when I use the FM Stereo on this speaker, I have no problem picking up my favorite station.  Yeah!!!   I use this to sit beside me on my desk area and listen to my favorite music, either via the FM feature or using the Bluetooth to stream my music.  I have paired this with my Android Phone, my son’s iPhone and my Laptop and it paired instantly.   This Speaker is also an Alarm Clock!   The Alarm Clock is really easy to set and is loud enough that it will wake me up, which is like waking the dead.  I don’t wake to a typical Alarm Clock easily!!  Both of these features are a huge benefit to me , as I live in an area of the country where we have Spring/Summer storms.  So having an FM Stereo that is run on a battery, enables me to hear when we are under Tornado Warnings, what a HUGE benefit!!   As far as the quality of sound that you get from this speaker , all I can say is WOW!   It is extremely clear and has fantastic quality to the sound!!

The battery life on this seems to be really good.   I can charge this to 100% and use the speaker for over 24 hours before I have to re-charge it.   It comes with an auxiliary cord to it, so if you don’t have Bluetooth, you are still able to use the speaker.   There is one more feature to this speaker that I have to tell you about that is kind of unique.   It has a spot in the back that you can put a TF card in, so if you don’t want to stream your music, you can still play your own personal playlist.    All in all, this is a wonderful Speaker and I highly recommend this to anybody looking for a good quality Bluetooth Speaker!  I received this product complimentary  in exchange for a review .  I want you to keep in mind that all thoughts relfected in thsi review are solely my own.

You can purchase one for yourself by clicking here.


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