Mason Soiza Revives 10 Online Social Businesses for FREE

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A successful businessman and entrepreneur Mason Soiza has recently announced that he will step in to help 10 aspiring entrepreneurs and revive their online social businesses for free. What drew him to make this decision? The reasons are quite diversified and according to his own statement, he wanted to prove everyone that things can and will change with the right amount of dedication and hard work.

But is this everything? At first glance, it looks like a marketing gimmick from a marketing specialist. However, things are different. “All I want to do is give every potential businessperson a lesson. There are certain reasons wherefore businesses fail, and I want to underline them in an obvious way by reviving 10 businesses for free. They are all different in profile and purpose, so I have the opportunity to teach newbies 10 valuable business lessons,” he added.

Based on recent statistics, up to 90% of new online businesses fail. Not within a year or two, but within 100 days. That is about three months. Incredibly wrong! Why does that happen? There are countless reasons, and fortunately for those interested to stay on track, Mason Soiza aims to unveil the 10 most popular ones.

According to the marketing specialists, the lack of commitment is by far the most common cause of business failure. You always talk about your business. You tell everyone about it – friends, family, potential partners and so on. But you never really commit to it. It takes you forever to start it just because you wait for the right time. You keep thinking about it without actually working on it. Obviously, it is not going to work this way.

If you do actually start a business, there is a good chance you will fail because you have the wrong purpose. Mason Soiza agrees that as a direct consequence, planning is terribly poor too. You make the first step, and you start your online business. Congratulations! However, you did not plan enough regarding finances, emotions, physical and even emotional implications. Your budget is limited, while the research… What is that? How do you get yourself back on track? By quitting the business and thinking of another one.

“From my experience, the lack of action is by far among the top three reasons why so many online businesses fail. Most newbies think that putting their business out there is the key. Anyone can do that. The key is in action you take to make it grow. Even if they do want to take action, what they do is not aligned with the business profile. They waste both time and money,” Mason Soiza claimed.

How about actual customers? Do you know who your target customers are? Do you know where they are and how to find them? Plenty of amateurs overlook this aspect. They put a website together, set some social media profiles and wonder why no one kicks in to interact.

How about sales? Any ideas about them? How about SEO or copy? As good as you are at what you are hoping to do, if you cannot sell your product or service, you will get no business. No matter how good a business is, it will die if no one knows about it.

Back to the business plan, even if you have one, you probably made it up. You have no idea what it is about, and it probably spreads over less than a page. Most people just set some goals, but they do not do anything about it. How do they hit their targets? They still have not thought about it.

Mason Soiza tries to underline another reason for failing in the process. “When people try everything on their own with no support, they waste their time. They spend so much time trying to figure things out. They deal with tasks that make no money at all, whether they try to fix small issues or configuring a mailing list. At some point, they are lost and overwhelmed. Frustration inevitably kicks in,” Mason Soiza added.

Their conclusion? The road ahead is quite long, and they do not have what it takes to conquer it. Fixing these issues is all about taking one thing at a time, nailing it and moving on to the other. And this is exactly what the reputable marketer is trying to do.

Mason Soiza has not decided on the 10 online businesses he will revive yet. The only thing he is sure of is he will choose 10 businesses that failed for 10 different reasons. He will work on these issues and alter a few aspects in the overall planning, then relaunch the respective businesses. It is definitely a process that every aspirant should keep an eye on, not to mention “stealing” all the details they can get.

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