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On May 2nd, I was blessed by my middle daughter, Tiffany, with a gorgeous new granddaughter. She came into this world so tiny, only weighing 6lbs, 8 oz. I believe out of all the babies in our family, that she is the tiniest one we have had yet. She was born healthy as can be, and although I am a little prejudice , I believe she is just the most amazing, beautiful little human ever! I have always heard it said, that when you become a grandparent, it is a kind of love that you can’t describe. When I would hear that, I would think , there is no way that I would be able to love anything more or even similiar to what I felt about my own children when they were born. I am here to tell you, with this being my 3rd grandchild, the statement that it is a special amazing different kind of love, is so true!! If you don’t have any grandchildren yet, you won’t understand. However, once you have one, you will totally get what I am saying! The love that you feel when you look at them is something that is undescribable. You almost feel as though your heart will burst out of your chest with the love you feel for this tiny human being that has just come into the world!! My daughter surprised me when she told me her full name. They named her , Serenity Sky Ann Kelly. The reason it was a surprise, was because they chose her middle name Ann, after myself and her other grandmother. Now I don’t want to take away from the other grandma, but in my mind, she is named after me. LOL

I am so lucky to have my daughter and her fiance’ living close to me. Well, that is kind of an understatement. You see , they rent an apartment from me. The apartment is so close, I can walk out on my back deck and throw a rock and hit thier front door. Little Miss Serenity is now 5 months old , as I sit here and write this post, and it has been amazing to be able to watch her grow every day. The great part about them being so close, is that I do get to see her anytime I want. The beneift my daughter has, is that she can simply bring the baby to me if she has to run to the store or run an errand and doesn’t want to have to deal with putting her in and out of the carseat, packing a diaper bag, etc. Mom is right here, so she just brings her to me and her papa. As is bound to happen with a new baby in the house, we have had a few moments when her mom was a little panicked about things….baby wasn’t feeling well, thought she had a rash or fever, wouldn’t eat right, etc. So instead of having to worry and fuss and have to go through it alone, she was able to just bring the baby to mom and ask all those questions that first time mommy’s have.

Little Miss Serenity is going to have the added benefit of growing up with her 2 cousins right here , ready to help babysti and help take care of her as she grows. They love to sit and hold her, feed her, read to her and just in general play with her. There is usually some kind of sisterly fight that goes on between the 2 older girls, on who get’s to hold the baby first when she comes up to Nana’s house. Of course, in addition to the cousins, she has her Uncle Mike who is right here. He adores her and she adores him. It is kind of funny, since he is a typical 17 yr old boy and when he is home he usually has some type of electronic that is occupying his time. Serenity doens’t seem to mind that though, she is happy to just sit in his lap and watch whatever he is doing. I love that they are going to have a close bond, because they see each other daily.

So that pretty much sums up our newest family member. I am sure as she grows and develops, there will be more posts about her, since my blog consists of my grandchildren and of course my own children.

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