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It is almost Fall season! I live in middle Tennessee and we have beautiful weather in the fall. I am excited to start seeing the leaves on our trees start to turn colors and for the weather to start cooling down. We have had an extremely hot summer, so cooler weather sounds like heaven to me!!

Fall weather is only one thing that Frog Reviews and Ramblings is happy to talk about in this post….the other is the annual September to Remember Giveaway Hop to all my followers!! For my part, I will be giving away a $10 Amazon Gift Card. Keep in mind though, this is a GIVEAWAY HOP. In case you have never participated in a Giveaway Hop, let me explain how that will work. Once you have entered to win my giveaway, you will scroll to the bottom of the page and see a list of over 40 other blogs that are giving away their own prizes in their own sponsored giveaways. I always like to think of it as a “one stop shopping” for entering giveaways.

So, let’s get you started.

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49 Responses so far.

  1. Kelly D says:

    Yes. it is chilly here today in PA.

  2. Nancy says:

    A few recent mornings have started out in the 50’s, but the days have quickly warmed up.

  3. Jackie says:

    We’ve had a couple of cooler nights, but the days are still pretty warm.

  4. Nicole Krutz says:

    I live in eastern Kansas and we have not really had any fall weather yet. 🙁 In fact, it is supposed to be in the 90’s the next couple of days!

  5. mami2jcn says:

    No fall like weather here yet, but a tree in front of our house is starting to get orange leaves.

  6. Kim Avery says:

    We have had a few days in the 60s but still kind of warm.

  7. Ann Fantom says:

    Yes, we have started seeing cooler Fall temperatures here in NY

  8. Susan Smith says:

    The mornings have felt like Fall but it feels like Summer in the afternoon.

  9. Diane says:

    Nope, no “fall” season in the country I live in.

  10. Clem says:

    It still feels like summer in the daytime.

  11. Shirley Emitt says:

    It got down to 55 last night, nice.

  12. Annette says:

    Haven’t started to have fall-like weather yet.

  13. Del says:

    Fall has not yet arrived here.

  14. Terri Shaw says:

    It is suppose to be a little cooler today.

  15. Kari B says:

    It’s started to get a little cooler here in Michigan, but not quite the feeling of Fall yet.

  16. monique s says:

    Yes, we have gotten a few chilly days

  17. Jennifer Cervantes says:

    No it was 106 yesterday we would love cooler weather.

  18. Thomas Gibson says:

    No. Fall weather is not here in Southern Florida yet.

  19. Francine Anchondo says:

    We have had some cooler mornings but this weekend it is going to be like 100 haha

  20. Christopher S says:

    Mid 50’s in the morning and some of the trees are starting to turn color!!

  21. Chris L says:

    It is finally cooling off a bit.

  22. heather says:

    I got up last night at 2:30 am and it was raining and I was so happy as we so need the rain to help with the wildfires here so that is my fall like weather report.

  23. Darlene Owen says:

    No fall weather yet.

  24. Cheryl Billings says:

    The morning are refreshingly cool.

  25. Stacy says:

    We had our first day of rain since last April!

  26. NANCY says:

    Just a good amount of rain.

  27. Holly Thomas says:

    Yes here in central Illinois we have been having chilly mornings and evenings running about 60F but the days are around 80F.

  28. Debbie P says:

    Here in Chicagoland it’s been a little cooler. But the next week or so we will be in the low to mid 80’s. So summer is still here.

  29. Yes, the weather is getting a little cooler here.

  30. Natalie says:

    It is definitely getting cooler here in MN and some of the leaves are actually changing color!

  31. Leela says:

    It’s been colder the last three weeks.

  32. Jason Cullum says:

    Occasionally we’ve had some cool weather but it’s mainly been hot and humid.

  33. Ashley T says:

    We had one heck of a thunderstorm last night in MD, and the humididty and heat has been unreal!

  34. Shelly Peterson says:

    Some leaves on the trees have started to change.

  35. Jeanna Massman says:

    We live in Arizona an the temperatures are still hot during the day but it’s beginning to cool off some at night.

  36. wen budro says:

    Yes- thank goodness. The cooler temperatures are welcome after the heat and humidity of summer.

  37. Heather Kaufman says:

    Yes, yesterday was quite chilly.

  38. Daniel M says:

    yes it’s getting cooler here

  39. Laura Rubenstein says:

    Ugh not yet! Hopefully very soon though

  40. Shannon says:

    It’s still really hot in Illinois.

  41. Connie Hill says:

    No. I’m in the south. But we are losing the humidity

  42. Vikki Billings says:

    Our weather is still hot but we are supposed to get a cooling patch for a few days then back to hot. Missouri’s weather is crazy.

  43. Jeryl M. says:

    It hasn’t really started to get cooler here.

  44. LB says:

    No, unfortunately I live in Florida so fall doesn’t exist 🙁

  45. Elizabeth H. says:

    The mornings are getting cooler and I’m looking forward to fall weather!

  46. Seyma Bennett says:

    Yes! we had a few days of cooler weather already here in NC.

  47. Jill Myrick says:

    We have started having days in the high 60’s and nights in the high 40’s which is about a 10 degree drop from last month but I’m loving it.

  48. Laurie Nykaza says:

    98 today here so it got really hot not fall weather

  49. Kim Avery says:

    Thank you again for the wonderful win! It will come in handy for this Christmas!

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