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Welcome to the Super Dad Giveaway Hop

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58 Responses so far.

  1. Michelle Ayers says:

    I think I have always called my dad dad!

  2. Kristin C says:

    I call my father Dad but when I was younger it was Daddy.

  3. Jay Jackson says:

    I just call him Dad.

  4. Natalie says:

    I have always called my Dad “Dad”, even as a little girl. I call my stepdad by his real name.

  5. Jackie says:

    I call my father “Dad”. When I was little, I called him Daddy.

  6. Robin Abrams says:

    I have always called him Daddy

  7. Cynthia R says:

    When I was a kid it was daddy, now it’s Dad though occasionally I will say daddy.

  8. molli taylor says:

    when i was little i called him daddy. when i was like… 11, i started calling him bernie. that did not last long hahaha! as an adult i called him dad until he passed

  9. Candice says:

    I have always called him Dad.

  10. I have always called the person dad too.

  11. Birdie Skolfield says:

    Ive always called my Father Daddy its a young term and it just sounds right to my ear !!!!!

  12. Susan Smith says:

    I have always called him Dad.

  13. Will G says:

    I call him Dad .. but sadly he just passed away.

  14. Soha Molina says:

    I called him Baba.

  15. Charity Cram says:

    I call my father, dad, and on occasion, father. Thank you for the chance to win!

  16. Kelly Nicholson says:

    What do you cal your Dad? ** Daddy, Dad, Pops, etc*

    i just say dad…i could just say “cash man”,but…i better not

  17. Jana Leah says:

    I’ve always called him, dad.

  18. Anita L says:

    I have always referred to my father as Dad

  19. Michelle Taylor says:

    I call him Dad.

  20. Ashley Chassereau Parks says:

    When I was a kid, I called him Daddy, but now I call him Dad. He’s the best dad in the entire world!!

  21. Sarah L says:

    I would say that’s my Dad, but I always called him Daddy.
    Thanks for the contest.

  22. Rachel says:

    I’ve always called him dad.

  23. Jennylyn Gross says:


  24. Erin Madigan says:

    I have always called my dad, Dad.

  25. Elizabeth says:

    I called my Dad, Daddy when I was young. As a grown up, I always called him Dad.

  26. Seyma Shabbir says:

    I usually call my dad Dad or daddy. My dad served in the Army so we usually said Yes sir when we got in trouble though. LOL

  27. Cheryl Chervitz says:

    I have always remembered calling him my dad, but I may have called him daddy when I was younger.

  28. Marilyn Nawara says:

    I call him dad — can’t remember ever calling him anything else.

  29. Edye says:

    I have always called my dad, “Dad.”

  30. Allyson Tice says:

    I still call my Dad, DADDY 🙂

  31. susan says:

    father when i am mad at him but usually father

  32. Jan Lee says:

    I could be snarky and say I don’t call him anything since he passed away many years ago, but, I called him Dad.

  33. Tami Vollenweider says:

    I called my Dad,Dada

  34. Annamarie V says:

    I just call him Dad, I don’t even remember a time when I was young calling him Daddy.

  35. Stacy says:

    I may have called him Daddy when I was really little, but he was Dad for as long as I can remember until he passed away 7 years ago.

  36. Katie Bellamy says:

    I call my Dad, Dad. 🙂

  37. Kayla Klontz says:

    I call him dad, father, and daddy.

  38. Kathleen Whitney says:

    I can not call him anything as he has passed away. But when I was younger I caller in dad!

  39. Shannon says:

    I call my dad Dad. I can’t remember ever calling him anything else but my brother calls him Pops.

  40. Chao Yeh says:

    I call my father Dad since I can remember.

  41. I live in the South and am a Southern Girl. My daddy will always be called Daddy.

  42. Anita Duvall says:

    I called ‘Dad’ (my step father) by his first name. At 3 yrs. old, I started calling him Carl.

  43. polly says:

    I always called my Dad Daddy when I was little but then just Dad as I got older

  44. Carol says:

    I have always called him Father.

  45. .Christine L says:

    Called him Daddy when I was little , then Dad

  46. LeAnn Harbert says:

    I have always called him Daddy.

  47. Jeanna Massman says:

    I always called my dad, Dad or Papa.

  48. Wendi says:

    when i was younger i called him Dowey now its dad

  49. Amanda G says:

    My dad figures in my life were my uncles. I just called them by their names.

  50. Francine Anchondo says:

    I called him Daddy when I was younger and then it changed to Dad.

  51. Sheryl says:

    I called him Daddy till the day he died. Miss you daddy so much.

  52. ElizabethJKG says:

    My Dad passed away. I used to call my Dad ‘Dad’.

  53. LAMusing says:

    Dad and Daddy-O! I miss him every day.

  54. Margaret Appel says:

    I’ve always called my father Dad. On the rare occasion he was Daddy. He passed away a couple years ago & I miss him every day.

  55. Laurie Nykaza says:

    I always called my DAD DAD when joking I would say pop!

  56. amanda whitley says:

    i have always called my dad DAD even when i was young. i also called my best friends dad DAD because i was there all the time

  57. Sherry Compton says:

    I call him Dad even when younger he was Dad.

  58. elicia p says:

    I called my dad: Daddy when I was younger. Now it is dad.

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