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So I have been challenged to write about why I have a blog.   When I first accepted this challenge , I thought well that is easy.  I do it to keep my own sanity.  To give you a brief explanation of what I mean , my blog is my way of getting my daily trials and tribulations down on Grandparents raising Grandchildren in addition to other ramblings in my life.   I also do some product reviews for different brands.. The other subject that I cover in my blog is dealing with Chronic Pain.     


I have to admit, though that my blog has a little bit of everything, hence the name FROG Reviews AND Ramblings.  I often think that my blog is more of the ramblings part of my title than anything else.    I have been raising 2 of my grandchildren for almost 2 years now, and while it has been stressful at times, I know that we are blessed to be here for them.   My daughter had a problem with addiction and she knew in her heart of hearts, that leaving the girls here with my husband and I  was best for her girls.   It was right around that time that I started my blog, so I thought ok….what better subject to write about.   


granndchildren-pot-of-goldMy other “why” is to maybe help others that are also Grandparents raising Grandchildren.  I pray that my blog is read by other grandparents out there that want to feel connected to those that are raising grandchildren.  After all, we always feel better when we know that somebody else is going through the same things that we are.   I guess it goes back to “misery loves company” idea.     I try to keep my blog light and funny, for the most part but that isn’t always possible, when dealing with some of the subjects I deal with.  For example when you have grandparents raising grandchildren, they are dealing with things like the financial issues that arise, then you have homework all over again, school programs/issues, bullying, doctor appts,dealing with your other children that are jealous of the time you spend with the grandchildren,   These are the things that I write about, and hope that I am helping others to connect on some level with my writings.  Even though that is the main target of my blog, I believe I can reach a large audience of people.   I think that what I write also appeals to mom’s out there raising kids, and mom’s to be.  


blogging-quoteAnother “why” I write a blog is to have it profitable at some point, I am not quite there yet.   I do invest funds into my blog on a monthly basis, so I hope to be able to at least earn
that money back  sometime soon.  I am still doing research on that, and how to accomplish that goal.   


So that is basically why I write a blog in a nutshell.   I love sharing my story and life with others.   I hope that I am reaching a regular audience with my writings and that they enjoy what they read.


5 Responses so far.

  1. We have a lot of the same for our “Why”; keeps us sane and we would do everything in our power for our kids/grandkids. Love how your passion shines through in all your blog posts 😀

  2. Keep sharing. I know I enjoy reading it and I am sure others do too.

  3. I think blogging is therapeutic. I have kept a diary and then blogged on my desktop for years. The next big and hard step was to put it out there for others to read. I mean the product reviews and the sponsored posts are fairly safe and easy, but when we open up and become vulnerable to other’s comments about our life, its a bit scary. The thing that has been amazing is those posts are the ones that reach others the most and get the most comments. Keep posting Sandy and you know I’ll keep reading. Love you xoxoxox

  4. Sandy says:

    Thank you Hoaward!! Good to know others like to read it!! LOL

  5. Aslan says:

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