Bath and Body Addiction!!!



I have a small confession….I am a Bath and Body addict!!   Many years ago, while I was staying with my little sister on a visit, I used some of her Bath and Body shower gel, and I was instantly in love with their products.  On that same visit, we went to a sale that they were having and I bought so much that I had to purchase another bag to take on the flight home.  That was the beginning of my addiction.

Now, I have to admit, I have no desire to have any kind of intervention or rehab for my addiction.  All I need to know is when the next Semi Annual Sale will be and I can go get my Bath and Body fix!!   The good news…..that sale is happening NOW!!  Twice a year, they have a sale with 75% off the seasons scents, and that is when I go and stock up!!  They also have a ton at 50% off and some great buys on their hand soaps!!      I purchase not only for myself, but for my kids for birthdays, Christmas etc.    The Semi Annual Sale happens in the Summer time and then again, right after Christmas.  I always save enough of my Christmas fund, to go shopping afterwards!!  

I got the email that stated it started on Dec.26th this  year, and guess where I was that afternoon?  Yep, you guessed it….at my local Bath and Body store, along with about 50 other women.     The funny part is that as you walked up to the store, I saw about 5 or 6 men standing around waiting on their wives and girlfriends to come out.   I walked out of the store, I was not able to smell anything but the insane amount of scents that were sprayed and spritzed in the store.   I am not kidding, for over an hour, I kept smelling a variety of Bath and Body scents!   

When I got home and was able to finally smell normally again, I was so excited to unpack all the goodies I had got on my shopping trip!   You see, I only use Bath and Body shower gel , and no longer use any other type of soap while showering. and I always make sure I have enough stock on hand to re stock my bathroom.  In addition , to that I love the lotions and sprays as well, and always have the small portable sizes in my purse.


Here is the great part though when I totaled up what I had purchased, I had bought 4 shower gels, 2 body sprays and 3 hand soaps and only spent a total of $24.50!!   The retail price on them was $111.50.  So you can see why I love the Semi Annual Sale!!   I get to feed my good smelling addiction AND save money!!    If you are like me and love Bath and Body, click here, and you can go shop for your own deals!!  Be  sure to stock up on your favorite scents!!   


If you have used Bath and Body before, please let me know in the comments what your favorite scent is??   My all time favorite is Sweet Pea!!  I have found that there are a few others that I really like, but my list would be too long to put here.  So I will just wait to hear from y’all on what scents you love!

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  1. I also used a $10 off of $40 coupon on top of the 75% off. Huge scores! Love those semi-anual sales!

  2. I love their semi annual sale soooo many fab deals!!!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Girl don’t you feel bad I do the $10 off $30 coupon I bought like 20 of the hand soaps for 2.75
    and I can’t remember how many of the lotions that I bought

  4. Jenn M says:

    I’ve never seen the CA Citrus and Sunshine scent before! I might have to click on your shopping link!

  5. Jade Rose says:

    My wife is a boarder line addict although she is getting better LOL. She loves warm vanilla sugar.

  6. Roberta Trenary says:

    I LOVE sugar cookie for seasonal, I also love vanilla, lavender and several others! I could spend hours in there smelling all the scents. Thank you for reminding me the sale is on! I’m going to get my Bath and Body Works fix!!!

  7. I got the scent Sensual Amber one year for my birthday and omg!!! It has been my favorite so far!!! Love their lotions and body sprays!!!

  8. koolklawz says:

    I usually do my damage once or twice a year, then unsubscribe until I get low. Otherwise, I’d have a B&BW bill every month, lol. The fragrance I buy most often is Dark Kiss, though I buy lots of fruitier scents, too. I still haven’t forgiven them for discontinuing my Chocolate Amber, though *sniffles* 🙂

  9. Sarah Wahrmund says:

    I love all things Vanilla. I haven’t been to Bath & Body Works in quite some time. Guess I will need to go soon.

  10. I love love LOVE Bath and Body Works. When I lived in San Francisco there was one about 10 minutes from me. I just got 2 hand sanitizers, a bottle of shower gel and my favorite Warm Vanilla Sugar, body butter. I still have two other body butters and they are the only brand I will use. I love their sales because you really can save a ton of cash! Thanks for reminding me. Im going to head over to the site now.

  11. Kimberly Flickinger says:

    I have a Bath & Body addiction as well. I love when they have their sales, I stock up then.

  12. Rosie says:

    I love Bath & Body, too. I don’t have a favorite scent, but I love checking things out and sniffing everything, the store smells so fresh and nice. Need to catch one of these sales!

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