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So I know that a visit to the dentist and having a “good” report is not all that exciting to most people, but I have to explain a little as to why we are super excited here in my home!   Ok, so maybe I am the one super excited!!

I have had my  2 granddaughters living with me for about 1 1/2 years now.  When they first came to live with me, they hadn’t been to a dentist since they were little, they are now 9 and 10.   When I got them, I made several appointments, and of course the dentist was one of them.   Needless to say, that was NOT an appointment that we got any good news at.    The youngest one had so much work that needed to be done, she was referred out to a Pediatric Dentist, so they could give her some laughing gas and get her work done in just 2 or 3 visits.   The older one had a lot of appointments and cavities to have filled, but it wasn’t as intense.  That was August of last year.  laughing-gas

Even after insurance, I spent hundreds of dollars getting their teeth fixed.  We then were all set to wait until the semi annual cleaning in 6 months.  So our first time on that 6 month visit, we ended up with multiple cavities for both girls.  But we were hopeful for the next visit and at that time, were still getting into the routine of regular teeth brushing, etc.

We have been working diligently since I have had them on proper care of their teeth.   I make sure they don’t have a ton of sweets each day and of course they brush twice a day on a regular basis.   Well, let me re word that, I tell them to brush them in the morning before school,  but to be honest, we are like any other family with kids that we are rushing to try and get out the door for school in the morning.  They probably brush for about 10 seconds and play the other 3 minutes, instead of brushing good.  The other problem we seem to be having is learning how to floss and doing that on a regular basis.   I know it is a matter of creating a new habit, albeit a good one, but that really seems to be a struggle for them.   So , when the 6 month check up was coming up , I had been getting a little nervous.  I was willing to bet we had a few cavities.     I was happily surprised to find out that NO….WE HAD ZERO CAVITIES this visit!!!  I can not tell you how HAPPY I was to hear that news!    You see to me, it meant that we were finally on the right path!

There has been so many changes in these girls lives this past 2 years, but this was a positive one!!   We did get news that the youngest granddaughter will be getting braces, so that will be our next challenge.  Learning how to take care of her teeth while having braces on.   I have no doubts that she will do just fine though.


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