College Road Trip!


This week I will be making a our 1st road trip to visit a College Campus with my son.    He has already been accepted to Austin Peay University, and so we are going to go see the campus / dorms and see what they have to offer.   He is applying at another college, but we haven’t heard back from them yet.  I am fairly certain that we will have another road trip to plan for a College Campus tour there as well.

I have found myself sitting here the past several days, wondering where the past 4 years have gone?  I swear to you it feels as though he JUST entered High School.  Yet in just 7 short months he will be a High School graduate and have his last summer at home as a “child”.   I find myself getting super excited to see where life leads him as he continues on to College, and yet sad to see him leave home.  I am not sure I am going to be able to handle this one!!   This is my baby, that I am talking about.     He has a huge heart and is willing to help his dad and I with absolutely anything we ask of him.  Although honestly, we don’t ask him to do much…simply because his schedule is so full already, but we know he is there when we ask.

He has held a job since he was 15, and had the same job for the past 2 years.    In addition to that, he is on 2 Co-Ed Cheer teams, is taking Dance in school, and is always running here or there.  Practice, work, school, church, etc.   His goal is to get a scholarship on a Cheer team in college, as we have been told there is so much opportunity there.   He has some mad skills, and his coaches love him, so much so that he doesn’t pay a dime to be on either team.  If you know anything about Cheer, it is beyond expensive, so this is saying a ton about his skill set!!

Needless to say , I am proud of our son!   I am excited to see which college he chooses to go to.  In the meantime, we will be fighting our way through that awful part of sending a child to college…dealing with Financial Aide.  The goal is to try and get him through at least the first 4 years, with little to no debt!  Wish us luck!!!

So, now that my baby is soon to be heading to college, most people would be asking, what will you do?     Well, God already answered that and saw that I won’t be bored.   I still have my 2 granddaughters here with me , so they keep me busy!  Granted for the past 3 months there mom has been here with us, so that helps some, but I still have my hands full on a daily basis with these two!!


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  1. This is such an exciting period in their lives. Mine didn’t choose to go to college. Well one did but it was community college only a bus ride away. The time goes so quickly.

  2. My kids are little still, but I know that this time will be here before I know it. Good luck!

  3. I know you are so excited for your son, and I’m sure he is. Children grow up so quickly, and time flies so fast. I pray he has a great time at college. I have two grandchildren, and they keep me feeling younger. 🙂

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