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65 Responses so far.

  1. Jenny Ham says:

    Yes still winter here in Kansas..

  2. Soha Molina says:

    it is cold.

  3. Maureen says:

    Around here it is still winter and as the Groundhog stated it will be for at least 6 more weeks. But in the Midwest it has lasted until May sometimes.

  4. Cathy French says:

    yep, still winter in February here in central Ohio

  5. Rita Wray says:

    Yes it is and I can’t wait for the warmer weather.

  6. Shannon Holmes says:

    It is still winter and it snowed a little today as well.

  7. Kim Avery says:

    It’s very much like winter where I live. Starting tonight we have a wind chill advisory.

  8. Sandy says:

    I can relate…we are not getting above 32 today or tomorrow! We have been under a winter weather watch for 2 days now.

  9. Sandy says:

    Ohhh I wish we would get a good snow! We have only had a little teasing here and there..but I still have hope. We could still see some weather before spring comes along.

  10. Sandy says:

    I can relate…we are not getting above 32 today or tomorrow! We are finally supposed to be in the 50’s next week!

  11. Sandy says: got a good snow recently if I am not mistaken!

  12. Sandy says:

    I can relate…we are not getting above 32 today or tomorrow! I am sure we will see another 6 weeks or so of winter. I just want one good snow, then I am ready for spring!

  13. Sandy says:

    I can relate…we are not getting above 32 today or tomorrow!

  14. Sandy says:

    I can relate…we are not getting above 32 today or tomorrow! Do you guys get a bunch of snow? I don’t much about Kansas weather.

  15. heather says:

    Yes it is still winter weather here but way too mild we need more rain and snow.

  16. Shelly Peterson says:

    Yes, It’s still snowy and cold here.

  17. Chris L says:

    I am not liking the cold and snow.

  18. Terri Quick says:

    very snowy & cold here

  19. Cali W. says:

    It is still a little cold where I live. Thanks for the giveaway. 🙂

  20. bn100 says:


  21. Marisela Zuniga says:

    It’s been a little cold. It’s rained most of this week

  22. brigette oster says:

    yup, still winter. Tomorrow we are suppose to have a high of 16

  23. Bea LaRocca says:

    Actually we will be experiencing our first arctic blast of cold air for the first time this weekend. We have had some snow but nothing measurable or any that didn’t melt within a day or two

  24. Clem says:

    It still is

  25. TAMMY CUEVAS says:

    As I write this comment, I am waiting at the airport to leave sunny Florida to return home to cold, icy Kentucky. So yes, it’s still winter. (sigh)

  26. Ann Fantom says:

    Oh yeah! Right now it is in the teens here in upstate NY

  27. Elizabeth says:

    It’s been cold and rainy, so yes!

  28. Cindy Merrill says:

    Well, there’s hardly any snow but it’s freezing outside.

  29. Christopher S says:

    8 degrees today here in Buffalo NY.. So I am going to have to say YES, it IS still winter here! 🙂

  30. Stacey McCrary says:

    I live in the south. Not sure what season it is outside anymore. Current temp is 28*.

  31. sheila ressel says:

    Some days it’s still like winter and some days not.

  32. Sandy says:

    We are only at 42 degrees today, so I get that. Thankfully we will be in the mid 50’s to 60’s next week!

  33. Sandy says:

    I am right there with you! I am in middle Tennessee and we have had some crazy cold weather this year!

  34. Sandy says:

    Oh my goodness! Now that is some serious cold! Guess I am thankful for our 42 degrees today.

  35. Sandy says:

    That to me s always the most frustrating. If I am going to be freezing I want to see some snow!

  36. Sandy says:

    Yes ma’am. We had a ton of rain, then freezing temps which turned everything to ice. ugh!

  37. Susan Smith says:

    Yes, it’s still Winter here. It won’t start getting warmer until March.

  38. Natalie says:

    It is still full blown winter here in Minnesota!

  39. Adriane says:

    Yep – we don’t get snow, but it’s still cold

  40. Debbi Wellenstein says:

    I live in Kansas, so sometimes it’s winter, and sometimes it’s not. Right now, not so much.

  41. Jen R says:

    Yes, it is still winter weather in my area.

  42. Sandy says:

    Hopefully you get some warm weather soon! We are going to have a “heat wave” this week. We will be in the 60’s

  43. Sandy says:

    We are going to have a “heat wave” this week. We will be in the 60’s

  44. Sandy says:

    I am fairly certain we will have more winter type weather lasting into March this year

  45. Sandy says:

    Brrrr!! Winter tends to hang on a little longer there thought doesn’t it?

  46. Sandy says:


  47. Sandy says:

    oh no!! Hopefully you get some warm weather soon! We are going to have a “heat wave” this week. We will be in the 60’s

  48. Erica Ardali says:

    I live in Indianapolis and it was 60 degrees today!

  49. Antoinette M says:

    Yes. we are getting snow on Thursday!

  50. Mary rutter says:

    Its still winter here

  51. Jackie says:

    Yes…it’s been cold. But we havent had any snow (which I’m happy about)

  52. Leela says:

    Yes, we’re still covered in snow.

  53. Sunnymay says:

    It’s the usual up and down weather in my area. Last week it was snow, this week it’s rain and weather in the 50’s.

  54. polly says:

    It has been really cold here in Northern California. Brrrr….not use to it being this cold!

  55. Amber Lee Kolb says:

    We had a 50 degree day yesterday but now it’s back to 35 degrees. I’m in Michigan and we will probably get snow again lol.

  56. Laurie Nykaza says:

    It is sunny here but rain is coming soon

  57. MICHAEL A LAW says:

    thanks for the giveaways!

  58. Annmarie Weeks says:

    It’s still winter here in Maryland, but we’ve been fortunate to have a pleasant, mild winter this year. I’m sensing an early spring!

  59. I live in Tulsa and we flip back and forth during this time. Our weather doesn’t start to settle into spring until March.

  60. Jeanna Massman says:

    We have had many cooler days and some rain so winter is still hanging on in Arizona.

  61. Daniel M says:

    yes going down to low teens this weekend

  62. Jeryl M. says:

    It’s actually been unseasonably warm here.

  63. jennifer cervantes says:

    yes, it is still winter here, it is even raining this year!

  64. BRIAN E. says:

    It’s still winter in PHX, a bit more chilly than usual.

  65. Debbie P says:

    Yes I still have winter time weather were I live.

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