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As most of my followers know I have been homeschooling my granddaughter on and off the past couple of years.  As a result, I have done quite a bit of research as to how she can continue her education from home, with online help.  

There are so many advantages to learning from home.   It doesn’t matter if we are talking about homeschooling a child, taking college classes online, or simply working on your education from a brick and mortar building, yet need to complete assignments in your home environment.  Thankfully, we live in a world full of technology that enables us to build our education portfolio with all types of different tools.  

We have found with our oldest granddaughter this year she has needed some extra assistance with her homework.   We have found several sites that have helped her. Yet I have to say that the one that we tend to go back to is OneClass.   On this site, they have 37 tutors ready to help her with all of her basic subjects. They cover basic classes like: History, Math, Biology , Chemistry, etc.  The best part is the fee to use their services is very reasonable!

The advantage to using online tutors or homework assistance is first of all the obvious, that we don’t have to leave home.  She can sit at the kitchen table and get the help she needs. In addition to that, it is so much cheaper to use an online tutor through OneClass.   I love that she gets the answers to questions that are “stumping” her without getting frustrated because we can’t help. I am sorry, but sadly, I am not always the best resource.   

We home-school our other granddaughter and have not run into many issues yet where she needs additional assistance with homework or schoolwork.   However, if we choose to continue her education from home, I am certain that as we go into the High School years, we will have situations with material where she is going to need additional help.  I am so thankful that we have more resources for her to access than just “Google”. Yes, Google is wonderful for most things. Yet, there is so much more to be offered to her through an online specific homework help site, than what can be found on Google.  

Until recently, I hadn’t done a lot of research for helping the girls with their homework online. (other than obviously, Google)   I have been really impressed with what I am finding available for them! I encourage you to check out the site I listed above. Let me know in comments below if you use a service similar to this?  What do you use? I always love getting feedback from my followers!!

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