How To Help Children Face Life’s Extraordinary Challenges

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It isn’t only adults who feel stress. Kids also have problems, experience uncertainty, and worry about the future. Psychological professionals have pointed out a notable rise in children visiting emergency rooms due to mental health concerns. Thankfully, parents can help dependents suffer fewer emotional incidents and survive the difficulties of modern life. Below, Frog Reviews and Ramblings shares some strategies for keeping young spirits robust.


Imbuing little ones with self-confidence begins with showing them you are unafraid to face a challenge. Speak to them about personal tests you’re struggling to overcome, even mature subjects, in a manner that matches their developmental stages. Explain what gives you the inner strength to push forward regardless of fears.

Your daily approach to life also impacts tender minds. For example, devote effort to personal hygiene. Kids will take note and likely follow suit. Practice kindness wherever you go. When experiencing disagreements or frustrations, respond with wisdom and calm. Show sons and daughters it’s possible to endure adversity and remain an empathetic, respectful world citizen.


Another behavior worth demonstrating for children is setting priorities. Even when life gets busy, put your relationship with them high on your list. They’ll see it’s possible to keep what truly matters in mind, even when other demands are piling up.

Scheduling helps this happen. Carve out blocks of time for family matters, away from other concerns. Start with recurring events, such as bedtime rituals. Always show up to help with teeth brushing and bedroom cleaning. As a reward, read books to them before declaring lights out. Establishing routines shows consistency and creates the mindset of doing the same.

Next, involve offspring in household chores. Children love feeling that they’re helpful. Assign age-appropriate duties they can call their own. Involve them in meal planning while detailing the importance of good nutrition for keeping minds and bodies strong. Also, explain that occasional indulgences are permissible. Plan baking a sweet dessert together or another sugary event, such as an outing to the local ice cream shop. Setting fun activities and new experiences gives everyone something to anticipate.


Recreation is vital to building children’s spirits. Help them discover new ways of learning about themselves through exploration and joy. One method is by introducing them to music. Once you’ve sparked an interest in sound, throw a family dance party and show how exercise can be pleasurable. 

There are plenty of other forms of aerobic activity you can engage in together. Go for a bike ride or skateboard to the local park. There, you can play a game of Ultimate Frisbee or tag. Challenge one another to see who can do the most jumping jacks or invent an obstacle course. The only limit is your imagination.


After all that movement, everyone’s likely feeling tired. Recharging one’s batteries doesn’t require plopping down in front of the television or iPad. Meditation is another way of clearing one’s head, and there are no commercials. In addition to meditation, some families find that prayer and spending time with God  is another wonderful tool for relaxing and recharging their batteries. Turn quieting minds into a family event.    

Practicing gratitude is another excellent practice for anyone, regardless of age. As a unit, spend 15 minutes mulling over your most cherished blessings. When time’s up, have each family member share their thoughts. Everyone should leave this session feeling happier and more self-aware.

Everyone experiences struggle, including those at tender ages. As a parent or guardian, you can set kids on a positive path. Assist them in developing tools to endure whatever hardships come their way.

Guest Post by: Sara Bailey; The Widow

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