How to Plan a Stress-Free Vacation for Kids and Adults Alike

Are you planning a summer trip for your family? You’re definitely not alone, but you could be far less stressed than other parents and children who are hitting the road. Check out these family-friendly travel tips to keep kids having fun and adults from feeling anxious.

Rent an Entire Vacation Home Rather Than a Hotel Room

No matter how much your family adores one another, being stuck in a tiny hotel room for too long can take the relaxation right out of your vacation. A better option for families looking to spread out is a vacation home rental, which is usually cheaper than that single hotel room. These days, rental sites help you zero in on the right amenities and space you need to fit your family size and budget. Plus, you can always find rentals near favorite attractions and activities. In bustling Nashville, for example, Turnkey notes you can choose a great rental from a variety of unique neighborhoods, whether you want to be near The Gulch, closer to Music Row or want something quieter with proximity to the historic districts.

Aside from being more spacious and affordable for families, vacation homes also allow you to save your money and waistline by cooking more meals on your trip. Worried that cooking on vacation will stress you out? Try prepping some bulk meals before you go so you have more time to just chill.

Bring Electronics But Limit Your Kids’ Usage

Whether you plan on piling your family into the car for a family road trip or taking an airplane to far-off locales, tablets and cell phones can be lifesavers for parents. You can let your children use your tablet or find a more kid-friendly version for little ones, but be sure to load them with games and videos that will keep them busy. Try keeping things educational with fun reading apps or an engaging app to boost their math skills. Just be sure to set clear expectations around screen time while you are on vacation. While many studies suggest limiting screen time based on age, you should also enforce limits that will keep your kids engaged with activities during your trip.

Have Your Kids Help Plan Some Vacation Activities

If you want your kids to be excited for your big adventure together, why not let them help plan some of your itinerary? Aside from giving them have a vested interest in your family vacation, asking for input from your children can actually help you narrow down your activity list and reduce planning time. For younger children, give them a few choices to pick from; if you have teens, give them the chance to research possibilities at your chosen destination. Putting together an itinerary can be a great way to prevent meltdowns and mismanaged time when traveling as a family, but you also need to remember to include a little down time as well. Make room in your schedule so everyone has a chance to relax the way they want.

Avoid Travel Nightmares With Some Travel Safety Steps

While reducing stress is always a top priority for parents planning a family vacation, keeping kids safe is even more important. With all the hustle and bustle of planning and preparing, this can be easy to forget this. Take the time to go over a few safety tips with your kids. Clearly explain the rules and dangers around your travel plans. For example, if you will be visiting a zoo, calmly discuss safe animal interactions. It’s also important for you to keep a close eye on your children while on vacation, especially smaller children who can easily wander and get lost. Finally, the most important step you can take to ensure your family’s safety is to pick the right destination. Family-friendly spots tend to be much safer for children of all ages, and much less likely to cause you additional stress.

Family trips are a great way to make lasting memories for your children. To keep those memories happy, use the tips above. More than anything though, be sure to have fun!

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