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I have always enjoyed working, but about 10 years ago I had multiple neck surgeries which caused me to have to quit working.  Although I am still unable to work, from home or outside the home, I did do a lot of research on ways to make money from home

In today’s society, it is so expensive for parents to work and have to pay for daycare.  Working from home is a great solution to expensive daycare. I can remember years ago, you couldn’t hardly find any work from home options.   That has changed drastically in the last 10 years. I actually had a business I ran from my home when my second child was 2 years old and my son was born.   I turned our bedroom into my office and we moved our bed in the living room. It was a little unorthodox when you walked in my house, but it worked for our family at the time.   

My son is now 20 and has been self employed for the past two years.  He has set up an office in his bedroom and does all his work from home.  He is a videographer, so most of the work he does is filming outside the home, yet another part of that job is to do the editing of the videos.

The first thing I would recommend if you are going to work from home and have children would be to dedicate a room in your house that is set up for you to work from.  If you don’t have the space to dedicate a room, then a spot that is quiet and enables you to focus on whatever task you are doing.With your own business, one major thing  that is necessary to be successful is self discipline.  When you work from home, it is so easy to get distracted while working and think…oh hey, maybe I should get up and do a load of laundry, or wash dishes, etc.   I found that you really have to mentally put yourself in “work mode”. Some people naturally have self discipline and others really have to work at it.

There are so many things you can do to make money from home.   You can make and sell crafts at a local farmers market. You can sell jewelry, candles,, Essential Oils, and so many other things.  Most of these you sign up under a major company and become a distributor. I have seen lots of moms simply take a photography class, buy a nice camera and instantly they were a photographer.  A friend of mine recently started making some extra money by putting cute little sayings on T-Shirts / Canvas Bags etc and selling them through her social media channel. Another great way to make some extra money is to take surveys.  

  There are so many options today that enable you to make money while staying at home. I think that most people are just intimidated by the thought of starting a business on their own, even if it is just to make some extra money.

I am sure most people have heard of some of the major companies that will now hire you to work from home.  You do want to be cautious when finding a company to work for though, as there are tons of scams out there.  I would highly recommend before signing up with a company that you check their rating by going to the Better Business Bureau (BBB)

There are companies that specialize in finding work from home positions.   Here are a couple of the major companies that frequently have positions to work from home: Amazon , HSN , VIPKID , DoorDash

No matter what you choose to do, whether you work for an established company with full time hours, you start your own business or you become a distributor for another brand I wish you the best!! I would love to hear from you if you currently are making money from home. Tell me what it is your doing?

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