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“A Mother’s Heart is a special place where her Children Always have a Home” 

FROG Reviews and Ramblings has decided to join this blog hop that wants to reward and recognize ALL types of moms!!    Whether it is for your own mom, because you are a mom yourself, your a grandma or even a mom to one of those all so special Fur Babies (our pets) then this GIVEAWAY is for you!!!!

GIVEAWAY RUNS FROM 4/24/17 to 5/7/17

This year has gone by so fast, I can’t believe that it is almost Mother’s Day!!  It is just around the corner, only a couple more weeks to go!!’  Feel free to share this Blog Hop everywhere and let us know by using the hashtag:   #SpecialMoms

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49 Responses so far.

  1. Donna Newman says:

    The first time we took our son to Kings Island amusement park, he was old enough to really enjoy it and meet his favorite characters .

  2. Terri S says:

    Going to dinner on every Mother’s Day is a great memory.

  3. Sherrie Messier says:

    The favorite memory with my mom is just hanging out on the couch brushing her hair when I was little.

  4. lacey waters says:

    That moment directly after giving birth and you see their tiny faces for the first time.

  5. Kristin C says:

    My favorite memory with my kids is holding them in my arms for the first time.

  6. amy guillaume linderman says:

    every summer my mom and my sister and i take a women’s weekend at a camp on lake erie

  7. rhonda r says:

    My mom worked tirelessly inside and out of the home for her kids. She was an inspiration.

  8. Stacey McCrary says:

    My Mother-In-law makes me feel special and loved. I have wonderful memories like the time she found out she was going to be a grandma again. We took her out for Mother’s day and then told her.

  9. My favorite memory of my Mom was going to the pool at Sundance and her making her special juice each time to keep us hydrated.

  10. Cheryl Chervitz says:

    My favorite moment with my mom was her being there when I brought home my first baby. She was and still is wonderful.

  11. Cynthia R says:

    My favorite memory if my mom was the times we used to play video games together, she was highly competitive and would get some extra practice time in when we were sleeping or at school.

  12. Natalie says:

    My favorite memory with my mom was making gingerbread houses with her every Christmas!

  13. Robin Abrams says:

    My favorite memory with my mother is when we were out riding horses. We loved riding horses

  14. Susan Smith says:

    My favorite memory was cooking with my Mom.

  15. sandra says:

    favorite memory is when our fur baby met our human baby

  16. Ann Fantom says:

    My favorite memories of my mom are of her teaching me how to bake

  17. Kelly D says:

    My favorite memory is going to the beach with my mom.

  18. Judy Cox says:

    My favorite memories of my Mom is the long talks we always had!!!

  19. Shannon says:

    I have so many wonderful memories with my mom. I guess my favorite is cooking together.

  20. Jackie says:

    Favorite memory with my mom is making popcorn and watching tv together on Friday nights.

  21. Jessica says:

    favorite memory going to the park in summer with my mom

  22. Edye says:

    My mom and I have so many good memories; I cannot pick a favorite.

  23. aaron reck says:

    For sure it was hiking and caving and outdoor activities that were best with mom. Mom still very active and always on the go. It’s fun. Love you mom. Thanks to all the moms.

  24. Ken Ohl says:

    my favorite memory is when my mom rode around with me golfing it was such a fun day

  25. Eloise Carlson says:

    My favorite memory is everyday with my children, we always make more and different memories together everyday and I just love it! Thanks so very much for the chance!

  26. Stephanie Grant says:

    My favorite memory is my mom coaching my Peewee basketball team for many years.

  27. April Monty says:

    My mom’s day off of work was Wednesday,when I got my first job,I asked for that day off as well,we’d go shopping, have lunch together ,i had her all to myself during the day

  28. Sarah L says:

    Taking my mother to the Mother’s day Tea at the gardens.
    Thanks for the contest.

  29. Katie Bellamy says:

    Taking my kids sledding for the first time was amazing! 🙂

  30. Leela says:

    Learning how to cook and bake.

  31. Sarah Blake says:

    My favorite memory of her is watching figure skating together when I was a child.

  32. shirley says:

    I liked working in the flower garden with mom.

  33. polly says:

    My favorite memory was when my Mom held my first born. Was quite a special moment for the two of us. How I wish she was here to hold her great grandsons when they were born. She would of just loved them! Love & miss you Mom!

  34. Jan Lee says:

    My favorite memory with my mom was when she was a girl scout leader for a Brownie troop. She let me come and help her as I was several years older than my sisters who were in the Brownie troop 🙂

  35. Erin Madigan says:

    My favorite memory with my mom is all the times we have spent together.

  36. I have a great mom, so I don’t have one specific memory. One thing I DON’T remember, I have a picture of that I kid her about. It is of me at about 16 months, eating chips and drinking out of a coke cup…I tell her it was probably TAB lol.

  37. Stacy says:

    One of my favorite moments with my Mom is when she first showed me how to cook some of her signature dishes. I felt like I was being let in on a big secret. I am now vegan and don’t cook exactly like her, but I have modified my spaghetti sauce (or “gravy”) recipe so that it is just like hers but without the meat.

  38. samantha penrod says:

    I sent flowers to my mother at work one mother’s day. She said it was the best surprise she had ever had. It made me feel wonderful.

  39. wen budro says:

    First- I may have put the wrong email sub on the form. It should be this one.

    My favorite memory of my furbaby was the first time that I trusted her to be off-leash at the beach. She just looked so proud and happy.

  40. Hargow Wong says:

    My Favorite memory with my mom is the trip to Europe.

  41. LeAnn Harbert says:

    My favorite memory with my 3 boys is reading to them before bed.

  42. Patricia Borginho says:

    My favority memory is a trip to Alvarve.

  43. Ashley K. says:

    I think my favorite memory with my mom (so far) has to be when she sneezed and accidentally broke one of our tables after my high school project group used the table to film a Godzilla scene for our foreign language class (hint: we tried to recreate the water glass effect from Jurassic Park ^_^;).

  44. Margaret Appel says:

    My favorite memory of my Mom (who was in her 50s at the time) was watching her play The Legend of Zelda on the Nintendo play station ~ the first Nintendo to come out. She would get so frustrated, the cuss words she’d mutter! But she really enjoyed playing it. It was the beginning of a life long love affair our family has for video games. 🙂

  45. amanda whitley says:

    my favorite memory of my mom was her helping me plan my wedding. she was there every step of the way and i wouldnt have gotten it done without her.

  46. Diane says:

    My mom and i would bake cookies christmas eve day, and then have all the family over before christmas eve mass

  47. Anonymous says:

    One of my favorite memories with my mom is taking a trip to Indiana first and then to North Carolina to see her only remaining sister two year ago! I also brought my then 4 yr old and we seen the smokey mountains and drove the dragon tail which was 300 something curves in 11 miles. We made some awesome memories that trip!

  48. Desiree says:

    I have so many that it’s hard to pick just one! Probably my mom being with me when my daughter was born. Thanks for the giveaway! ?

  49. Jerry Marquardt says:

    The fact that my mother was always there for me is the most important aspect of a great relationship with mothers abroad.

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