Summer Time Updates! Twins and more!

We have lots of exciting news in our family, so I thought it was time I share with my followers what is going on in the world of Nana and family!!

Sisters pregnant together

Our late Spring/ early Summer started out with BOTH my daughters pregnant at the same time!!   They were only a couple weeks apart on their due dates.   Our oldest daughter, Crystal expecting twins (a boy and a girl)  and Tiffany expecting a girl.

Kenneth, 5 days old

Karra , 5 days old

Crystal’s twins,  Kenneth and Karra were born at 4:02 pm , 7/11/17, weighing in at 4.2 lbs , 17 inches long and 4.1 lbs , 16.5 inches long.   They were premature, as mom was only 34 weeks and 5 days pregnant.  Even though they came 2 weeks earlier than we had hoped, they are doing fantastic!!   They were born breathing on their own, although Karra did have to have a little oxygen to give her a  small kick start and she had a feeding tube the 1st 48  hours as well.    As of today, they are 1 week old and their pediatrician is extremely happy with how they have progressed.   They  have been in an isolette since they were born to assist them in maintaining their body temperatures.   Each day  , they have been weaned down just a little , and today we were told that hopefully by tomorrow Karra will be able to move to a regular crib.  Their little isolette monitors have to be at 28 for a 24 hour period.  We will know more tomorrow on that.   Her brother Kenneth is right behind her, as his monitor is reading 28.5.  

They both have been eating and increasing each day how much they are eating since the day after they were born, which is excellent for premature twins, from what I understand.  We have been told since day one, to be prepared for small setbacks, which as of yet we haven’t experienced.   We are staying in prayer that we don’t’ have any, but we also know that if that does occur,  that the twins will still be fine.   I will say this, I have learned sooo much about twins in general during my daughter’s pregnancy.  We are very hopeful and praying that they will be home by the end of next week!!

Tiffany, pregnant with Genesis

Tiffany with Serenity (14 months old)

My other daughter, Tiffany, is 38 weeks pregnant and due to deliver our 10th grandchild!!    She is hoping to be able to go into labor on her own, and has been doing everything possible to bring on labor.   We should know by tomorrow if they are going to make the decision to induce labor.  Either way, I am just praying for a healthy baby and easy delivery for mom.   Tiffany also has a 14 month old daughter at home  so there is no doubt she will have her hands full for the next several months.

Angela & Natalie, VBS

My husband and I are still helping to raise the 2 oldest granddaughters.   We started out the summer with VBS (Vacation Bible School) at the church, which of course the girls LOVED!!  The girls have had some exciting small trips this Summer.  They are enrolled in the “Kids bowl Free” program, so we try to get out and do that at least once a week.   (FANTASTIC PROGRAM!!  Check out the link HERE to see if it is available in your area!!)   We do struggle with coming up with activities for them, with my physical limitations and my husbands, yet we are blessed and have a large yard for them to play in.   This week we are putting up a Badminton/Volleyball set in the yard for them and they have a Croquet set I picked up for a GREAT price at a yard sale.  So they manage to keep themselves busy and entertained.   I do my best to keep them off the “couch” with their tablets all summer.   They are great girls and have been wonderful with helping at home.  They have had 2 small vacations this summer.   They went with their “bonus” grandma in Kentucky for several days and had a BLAST!!    Then they were home for about a week, and they were off again for Church camp.   The cool part is it is the same camp that my now 18 and 21 yr old went to as they were growing up.    

Angela and Natalie

I will update more as the new babies make their trips home and the newest granddaughter is born.   

I would love to hear what you have been doing this summer to keep your kids busy?    What adventures have you had this summer?  

are you a mom or grandmother to twins?    I would love to hear your input or advice on how you have dealt with the challenges and blessings of having 2 at once!! ?


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  1. Calvin F. says:

    Missed this post from the summer, I have cousins, many cousins. two of them are twins

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