The Best Cities for Starting a Home Flipping Enterprise

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The trick to any good home flipping business venture is to be two steps ahead of the standard American homeowner. You want to not only anticipate where people are going to move to, but also whether you can get away with flipping a few houses before the market moves on without you.

Des Moines, Iowa

Although people don’t get excited about Iowa at first, the state has a lot to offer, and Des Moines still has that big city feel. People are moving away from the coasts in search of cheaper housing, and better job opportunities.

Des Moines is also very old, which is a benefit for anyone looking to fix-and-flip houses. One of the main reasons that Americans move is to get a better home. When you’re buying area’s that are on the “best places to live” list but still have generally low-priced market you can upgrade the house before you sell.

Atlanta, Georgia

Georgia makes a comeback, and their real estate marketing is warming up! Currently, houses in Atlanta spend less than 46 days on the market. That spells out success for a home-flipping enterprise even if they’re starting out.

To get going and invest in your first property you’ll want to look at your investment opportunities. Hard money lenders Atlanta can help you connect with private lenders who are looking to provide short-term loans for property investing.

Denver, Colorado

Much like our Des Moines choice above, Denver is a big city in a state that looks out for the little guy. While Colorado is known for staying ahead of the curb their real estate marketing has remained consistent over the last few years. But people are flocking to Denver because of the many job opportunities, which means that there will be prospective home buyers galore in the next year.

Charleston, South Carolina

Full of old homes and forgotten neighborhoods these fix-and-flip chances are a handyman’s dream. Projections for job growth in the next five years is at 117%, and home prices have a healthy growth projection too. This means that you can swoop in now, steal a home that needs a little TLC and sell it again quickly.

Time is the variable that scares every home flipper, but with markets like this, you can have some piece of mind that you’ll be able to sell quickly when you complete the home rehabilitation.

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