Simple Ways to Supplement Your Child’s Education at Home

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If your child’s education requires a little more attention than they are getting at school, you’ll be glad to learn that you can make a significant difference from the comfort of your own home. Maybe your child is facing challenges in a specific subject, or perhaps you want to deepen and broaden their knowledge. Either way, you’ll benefit from these at-home educational tips from Frog Reviews and Ramblings!

Get a Degree

Perhaps the most effective way of deepening your understanding of improving your child’s learning is to pursue a college degree in education. These days, accredited online universities offer flexible course schedules, which means that you could study while juggling all of your other responsibilities. Growing your own skills and knowledge could lead to more opportunities for your child to grow and succeed in their academic endeavors.

Research Learning Games

Most kids tend to learn well when they are playing games. Consider active games that keep your child moving and contain an educational element. For example, preschool-aged kids could learn from a scavenger hunt that requires them to find various colors, numbers, shapes, and other items. You could adjust this activity to cover topics like art, history, anatomy, and biology for older kids. 

Hold a Music Session

Playing music has a way of spurring on the imagination, and it also comes with a plethora of cognitive benefits for children. Consider carving out a space in your home for daily music sessions where you play a song and help your child learn the part on their ukelele, guitar, or keyboard. Another way to help your child develop an interest in music is to play trivia games or make your own instruments with household items.

Arrange Science Activities

Science is an essential part of any education, so coming up with at-home science experiments is one of the best ways you can help your child succeed. You can find tons of DIY activities for preschoolers and elementary-aged kids, and you could also find some for older children. Another option is to look online for kits that can be delivered straight to your door; these kits will provide all the items you need for an in-depth lesson!

Start a Garden

Perhaps one of the most benefit-rich activities you can do with your child is planting a garden together. Starting and maintaining a garden can deepen your child’s knowledge of nutrition, science, and nature, not to mention the all-important life lesson of patience! Doing gardening tasks is also a great way to spend time together in your otherwise busy life. Plus, keeping a garden in your backyard is a great way to provide your family with vegetables and fruits, which will go a long way in keeping your diets nutritious. 

Make a Website

One of the most wide-open career fields today is web development and design. Chances are you have heard of coding classes and training programs for young children, and you can help your child create a website from home with minimal knowledge. 

As your child grows older, you can keep going back to the site they created and watch them handle more and more of the tasks involved! Consider making a site with your child and teaching them to take pictures, start a blog (even if they cannot write yet), and learn the ins and outs of what makes a website run smoothly. 

Look to Professionals

You don’t have to do all of your at-home education yourself. We have highly qualified instructors who provide private tutoring, pod learning, SAT and ACT prep, college admission services, and more! Look to education professionals to help you in your endeavor.

If your child is struggling in a particular subject or you want to bolster their academic efforts, consider the tips above for supplementing their learning at home. Keep researching other activities and ideas you can implement because there are a lot of them out there! In no time, you and your child will be realizing the benefits of putting in a little extra effort!
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Guest Post by: Sara Bailey; The Widow

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