5 Heartfelt Valentine’s Day Crafts for Your Loved One

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Valentine’s Day is a special time of year to show love and appreciation to your loved ones. A great way  to do this is by creating handmade gifts that show how much you care. Here are five heartfelt Valentine’s Day crafts that you can make for your special someone.

Handmade Cards

A personalized card is a timeless and simple way to show your love. The easiest thing for a busy mom or grandparent is to stop by your local card section in your favorite store.  However, making something homemade is always more thoughtful.   You can make it simple with construction paper or get a little more creative and use scrapbooking materials. Make sure you have on hand things such as markers, stickers, glue and other supplies that will help you to create a unique and heartfelt card.

Decorated Picture Frames

Give your loved one a special place to display a photo of the two of you with a decorated picture frame. Use paint, glitter, stickers, other decorative elements to make it one-of-a-kind.  There are so many things you can do to create a one of a kind photo frame.

Pressed Flower Art

Create a beautiful piece of art using pressed flowers. You can use the flowers to make a picture or a special message. This is a great way to preserve the memories of a special time.

Love Coupon Book

 Give your special someone a love coupon book filled with thoughtful gestures and activities that you can do together.  A coupon book can be customized for a parent, child or significant other.   This is a fun way to spend quality time together and show how much you care.

Special Photo Album

 In today’s world of digital pictures, photo albums are a forgotten craft.  Create a special photo album filled with pictures of the two of you and special memories. Buy an inexpensive photo album and decorate the outside of it with hearts, etc.  Make it special for your loved one.

These are just a few of the many Valentine’s Day crafts you can make for your loved one. With a little creativity and effort, you can create a gift that will be treasured for years to come. Happy crafting!

5 Responses so far.

  1. Jodie says:

    While I’m not one for Valentine’s Day, I do love these ideas for creating crafts with kids and creating new memories.

  2. Oh I really like the photo album idea! For an anniversary I made a photo collage for my now-husband and got a nice frame for it, I need to make something similar now we’re several more years down the road XD

  3. Karalee says:

    These are lovely ideas for Valentine’s Day crafts to gift. Handmade cards are so thoughtful and I like the idea of a love coupon book. Thank you for sharing these ideas!

  4. Cristina says:

    I don’t really celebrate Valentines day, but I love the idea of a love coupon, it’s such a sweet way to show love!

  5. jenny says:

    I think something like a photo album or a scrapbook is a really lovely idea x

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